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Scuba Oxygen Tank

Our Story

Scuba Gear

Who Are We?

We pride ourselves on being a skilled and professional team. We have multiple divers with globally accepted certifications and meticulous topside detailers. Our team is committed to providing nothing but the best service to our customers. You won't be disappointed.

Locally Founded

Padanaram Diving Company was started by Alex Barrachina during the Covid-19 pandemic when it seemed normal work life wouldn't be possible again. It began as a small, one-man hull cleaning service. Alex quickly grew the business into something great and built a team of amazing people.


Growth and Beyond

In recent news, the ownership of Padanaram Diving Company has been transferred to Gavin Spell. Since this time, Padanaram Diving has continued to grow, expand services, and perfect the trade of boat care. Our team is up for any job you can throw at us.

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